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Saturday 5 December 2020
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Move over hotel to check availabilityNot availableAvailable for Friday Dec 4, 1 night, 1 person
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Locations covered: Chien-ch'eng, Chung-shan, T'ai-pei-hsien, Pan-ch'iao-chieh, Taipei, T'ai-pei, Pan Kiao, Pan-ch'iao, T'ai-pei-shih, Taipeh, Pan-ch'iao-chen, Ku-t'ing, Chung-lun, Shih-erh-chia, Shu-lan-chieh, Lung-shan, Ch'eng-chung, Ta-an, Lung-an-p'o, Yüan-shan, Tung-shih (1), Hsia-p'i-t'ou, Hsin-chuang, Tung-shih, Chu-lun-li, Hsi-hsin-chuang-tzu, Fen-liao, Yen-p'ing, Ta-t'ung, Yen-chi-chieh, Ting-tung-shih, T'ung-an-ts'o, T'ung-an, T'ung-an-li, Hsia-nei-pu, P'o-hsin, Hsing-ya, Tien-chieh, Tien-chieh-ts'un, Tung-yüan-chieh, Meng-chia, Tung-yüan, Shuang-yüan, Wan-hua, Ta-chu-pu, Hou-te-li, Ts'ai-liao, Ts'ai-liao-li, Ch'ang-t'ai, Hou-te, Hou-chu-wei, Liu-chang, Shan-tzu-chiao, Hou-kang-ch'ien, Hou-chiang-ch'ien, Liu-chang-li, Fan-she, Nei-hu-nei, Hsi-yüan-chieh, Wa-yao-ts'un, Chiang-tsui-li, Chiang-tzu-tsui, Kang-tsui, Shui-wei, Hu-lu-tu, Tu-tzu-t'ou, Ta-chih, Miao-mei-ts'un, Miao-mei, Hsiu-lang, Hsiu-lang-ts'un, Wu-fen-pu, Chou-wei, Hou-shan-p'o, Chiu-p'o-k'ou, Wu-ku-wang, Wu-ku-wang-miao, Erh-ch'ung, Hou-pu, Erh-ch'ung-li, Erh-ch'ung-pu, Chiu-tsung, Chiu-tsung-li, Ch'i-chou, Hsi-chou, Ch'i-tzu-k'ou, Hsi-tzu-k'ou, Pao-tzu-chiao-k'eng, Wan-sheng, Kung-kuan, Lan-ts'ui, Fêng-Ts'ui-Li, P'i-tzu-ch'ien, Pi-tzu-kan, Chiang-ts'ui-li, P'i-tzu-k'eng, Chiang-tzu-ts'ui, Pei-tzu-ch'ien, Lan-ts'ui-li, Chiang-ts'ui, T'an-kan, An-lo-lu, T'an-ch'ien, Hsin-kuan, T'ou-ch'ien, Chu-tzu-lan, Hsi-hu, Hsia-t'a-yu, Hsi-hu-ts'un, Yung-ho-li, Yung-ho, Yung-ho-chen, Hsin-chuang-chieh, Hsin-chuang, Hsin-chuang-chen, Shih-lin-chuang, Shih-li, Shih-lin, Ch'i-wei, T'zu-hua, Hsi-mei, Ch'i-mei-ts'un, Hsi-mei-li, Tz'u-hua-ts'un, Ch'i-mei, Shang-t'a-yu, Yung-t'ai-li, Chiu-li-tsu, Fen-liao, Yung-t'ai, Kuo-t'ien, Ting-k'en, Kuo-t'ien-ts'un, Ta-yu, Jen-fu, Hou-tzu-liao, Pao-tzu-liao, Ting-k'an, Jen-fu-ts'un, Wai-yüan-shan, Chi-sui, San-ch'ung-pu, San-ch'ung, San-chung-po, San-ch'ung-shih, P'o-nei-k'eng, Chün-kung-k'eng, Nei-k'ang, Chiu-p'o, San-k'uai-ts'o, Hsing-fu, Hsing-te, Pu-ch'ien, Pu-kan, Shen-ch'iu, Sung-shan-chen

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